Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Writing Process Blog Hop - by Vijaya Schartz

I want to thank author Lena Jakes (Hardened Hearts) for tagging me into this blog hop. You can read about her writing process at: This is what she says about herself: Well, I am Lena. In my real everyday life, I'm a single mom of two teenage boys, three dogs, with an over active imagination and manage a law firm in Arizona. In my other life, I am putting my daydreams into words—which believe it or not is quite a feat considering I've been writing since before we had computers... or typewriters... or time not devoted to someone/something else.

What are you working on?
Right now, I'm writing Book Five in the CHRONICLES OF KASSOUK series, it's titled SNOW CHEETAH, and will cap the end of the series, with the official discovery by humans from Earth of the planet where the series takes place. The last book in the series was a prequel, NOAH'S ARK, telling the story of how humans happened to crash on that unknown planet in the first place. Like all the books in the series, it's a romance as well as a science fiction adventure. The heroine, Natalia, is a human hybrid with psychic abilities, and the hero is the captain of the ship, a nano-enhanced Space Marine, with a secret mission. Like in the other books, cats play a role in the story, and in this one, it's a Cheetah.  The book comes out in November of this year. Look for the gorgeous award-winning cat covers.


 And in July, I'll start writing the next book in my medieval fantasy series, The Curse of the Lost Isle. It will be Book Six in that series. It will be set upon the backdrop of the First Crusade. 

How does your work differ from others of its genre?
My books are not typical romance and touch on other genres, like sci-fi, fantasy, historical, or a mix of at least two genres. I also take the time to create worlds where the reader wants to stay a while, but always keeping the action and the romance going. My logline is Blasters, Swords, Romance with a Kick.

Why do you write what you do?
I write what I love to read. A romance novel without any action would bore me, and an action story without a relationship would leave me disappointed. As for sci-fi and medieval settings, some say I'm a time traveler and I have known all these timelines.... the truth is, I do intensive research, even when I write sci-fi.

How does your process work?
I'm usually on deadlines, so I have to plan in advance, and figure out what works best for me. I usually write a chapter a week, not a draft, but a polished chapter. After five rewrites during that week, I present the chapter to my critique partner, she makes comments, then I rewrite it again, print it, set it in the binder with the other finished chapters. When the book is finished, I revise the entire manuscript several times, before sending it to my publisher. A month or so later, I get the first edits, then second edits, then a final copy to review before it gets published.

Next author speaking on the writing process;
I'm tagging my critique partner, multi-published author Linda Andrews, very successful in the Dystopian genre. She also writes science fiction and  historical romances set in the American West, and is currently working on a series of WWI romances, set in Belgium (1914-1918). You can find more about her on her website at: and visit her blog at:

Vijaya Schartz - Blasters, Swords, Romance with a Kick