Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Curse of the Lost Isle series is going to print! Yay!

The publisher of my medieval series, BOOKS WE LOVE Ltd, located in Canada, is now starting to provide print paperbacks. So this series that was only in kindle so far, will soon be available in paper as well, for those of you who still like to turn the pages by hand, smell the ink, and keep their books on a shelf.

The first book to appear in print is PRINCESS OF BRETAGNE, Book One, and it's already available from the wholesalers. Soon, you may find it in your local bookstore, or you will be able to ask them to order it for you from their wholesalers.

I'm so excited. When I do book signings, readers always ask me for my Medieval series in print, and now I can tell them they can get the paperback. Yay!

Here is the paperback cover of Princess of Bretagne:

And of course, the kindle version is still available HERE


Vijaya Schartz
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