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More books by Laurel O'Donnell

The Lady and The Falconer:

With her father at war and her step-mother ruling the castle with disinterest, Lady Solace Farindale protects her people the best she can. When a neighboring lord lays siege to the castle, a threat on the lady’s life is discovered. She turns to a man she can’t resist, and puts her trust in a stranger who has captured her heart. Will she discover the secret this man holds before it is too late?

Tormented by guilt and a tragic past, Logan Grey has gained access to the castle disguised as a falconer. With only revenge on his mind, he has no time for the feisty beauty who has caught his eye. In a twist of fate, and a deadly betrayal, Logan must risk his life for the lady who ignited a passion more perilous than war.

Can love reign in a place where only hate ruled?

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Midnight Shadow

Raised on the adventurous stories of the Midnight Shadow, Lady Bria Delaney longs to wield a sword and fight against tyranny. When the unjust rules of a neighboring lord terrorize her friends, she dons the mask and cloak of her childhood hero to right the wrongs and save them from oppression. After encountering Lord Knowles, she is stunned to find her fierce attraction to the very enemy she has secretly promised to destroy.

Accustomed to victory at tournament, Terran Knowles lives a life of luxury and ease. When he returns home and finds his coin has dwindled, he must turn to an old betrothal and its dowry to keep his coffers full. Adding to his financial woes, a thief known as the Midnight Shadow strikes his land at night, stealing his coin. His intended betrothed is a headstrong, beautiful woman who immediately intrigues him. Torn between the woman he longs to trust and the outlaw he has vowed to hang, Terran vows to find the truth.

Will the Midnight Shadow triumph over oppression? Can the heat of passion overcome the chill of suspicion? Will a legendary hero find love in the arms of her hated enemy?
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Champion of the Heart

Fox Mercer watches in horror as his father, a noble knight, is stripped of his lands and banished into disgrace. Fox is soon abandoned by his former noble friends, including his best friend Jordan Ruvane. Feeling betrayed, his life takes a darker path. Fox turns to a life of crime, hiding in the decaying ruins of a haunted castle with his gang of thieves.

Lady Jordan Ruvane hides a dark secret from her childhood, a secret that will threaten the lives of everyone she holds dear. As she comes of marrying age, her father announces a tournament in her honor. The winner of the tournament will earn the right to claim Jordan as his bride. A mysterious champion clad in black armor enters the tournament, but he is after much more than just the Lady’s hand in marriage.

What happens next will change the lives of Fox Mercer and Jordan Ruvane forever. Can Fox conquer the secrets of the past and truly become the champion of his lady’s heart?

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