Friday, September 14, 2012

What the devil is an ondine? - by Vijaya Schartz

Ondines, mermaids, sirens, silkies, they were called different names in different parts of the medieval world. Well, MELUSINE, the heroine of Seducing Sigefroi and LADY OF LUXEMBOURG (to be released in late fall), becomes and ondine (a water creature, a serpent from the waist down) on the first Wednesday of each month. It's the result of a curse, and there is a good reason for it. As an immortal, she abused her powers in childhood and caused unforgivable distress to her mortal father. She worships the ancient Goddess and is descended from a line of angels predating Christianity.

This story is based upon authentic legends, and ondines, like mermaids are part of the French medieval landscape. They appear in legends of Scandinavia, Germany, and eastern Europe as well as all over France. They were known in Greek mythology. They still resonate in today's readers. They are mostly female, and many preyed on mortals.

The people of the time, and the clergy in particular did believe in these supernatural creatures and condemned them as evil. But Melusine, although she is an immortal and a shapeshifter, follows the righteous path and seeks redemption. If, however, the Church ever suspects what she really is, she will burn at the stake.

Don't miss the CURSE OF THE LOST ISLE SERIES, and the perils of Melusine, an ondine trying to fit in medieval noble society.

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Vijaya Schartz

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  1. This just sounds wonderful. I love the premise that she could burn and all the possibilities that opens up.

  2. Thanks, Viola, for the kind comment. The fear of evil in early medieval times was a very real fear and only fire could cleanse it.