Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Where the Heck is Luxembourg - by Vijaya Schartz

Everyone knows the principal countries of western Europe. Over the centuries they wore many names. Now they are Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands. But one of the very famous countries to emerge from the tenth century was a small piece of land now known as Luxembourg. But where the heck is it?

Its geographic borders varied greatly over the centuries. The rulers of Luxembourg also owned kingdoms in central Europe. The sons and daughters of Luxembourg went on to become emperors, empresses, queens, kings, and princesses of Europe and beyond. Today, it’s a small triangle of fertile lands adjacent to Belgium, France, and Germany.

Luxembourg first castle - tenth century

Until my Hero, Sigefroi of Ardennes, Son of the House of Lorraine, purchased in 963 a small Roman fort at the top of a rocky needle, the name didn’t even exist. In the four hundred years after that, Luxembourg became one of the most influential countries in Europe. First the domain of a Count, then a Duke, it is known today as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and is steeped in old aristocratic traditions.

So you understand that it was a labor of love to gather all the facts to make the story of Sigefroi, the very first Count of Luxembourg, and his legendary consort, Melusine the Fae, as accurate and exciting as possible. It’s a story about forbidden love, intolerance, and immortal Pagans struggling to survive despite the new order of Christendom. It reflects the spirit of early medieval Europe, just out of the barbarian and Viking invasions, building the first fortified castles and organizing a feudal society.

Sigefroi's tower remains standing today

But my stories are about human emotion, always. It’s a story about love, human weaknesses, faith, and betrayal. It’s a story of hope for a society coming out of the dark ages. It’s the mystery of old legends, immortals living among us, affecting the course of history.

The Curse of the Lost Isle's first two novels are set in ancient Scotland in the ninth century. Book Three Seducing Sigefroi, and Book Four, Lady of Luxembourg (coming soon), are set in Luxembourg in the second half of the tenth century. The Special edition includes the first three novels in the series for a very attractive price.

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Hope you enjoy the novels.

Vijaya Schartz
Swords, Castles, Romance with a Kick


  1. Love medieval romances. Will have to check these out.
    I've been to Luxembourg - had lunch there, visited a spectacular castle. Beautiful country.

  2. Isn't a gorgeous country? Lush forests, green valleys, incredible gorges and many rivers. I love it, too.