Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lady of Luxembourg has a kick-ass cover - by Vijaya Schartz

This is a first peek at the cover of LADY OF LUXEMBOURG, Book 4 in the Curse of the Lost Isle medieval series. The artist is Michelle Lee, and she designed it for Books We Love. I absolutely love it. My heroine is depicted as Fae, strong, and wielding magic. Also love the sword with the mermaid. The sword runs through all the covers in the series, but the first two books had a dragon, and since this heroine is an ondine (she transforms into a mermaid on specific days), it keeps the theme running.

Fire is also a strong element in this particular novel. The fires of hell, the threat of being burned at the stake, and the magic fire Melusine wields in the service of the Pagan Goddess she worships.

I hope you like the cover as much as I do. I did have some input in this cover and I am very grateful my publisher is allowing me to participate to this degree.

The book should be out in kindle in a few days. In the meantime, don't forget to re-read or read the first three books, PRINCESS OF BRETAGNE, PAGAN QUEEN, and SEDUCING SIGEFROI. You can find them all in kindle at AMAZON

Happy Reading!

Vijaya Schartz
Blasters, Swords, Romance with a Kick


  1. Ohhh. Very cool! I like the sword, but I'm a sucker for swords :)

  2. Thanks for the comment, Noemi. I love swords, too, This one is Caliburn. It makes its legitimate owner's arm invincible.