Friday, May 17, 2013

Top Ten Actors to Play Theo

A blogger I visited asked me to pick the top ten actors I would like to see play Theophilus (Theo) in a movie. I had so much fun I thought I'd share it again here!

Many authors find pictures of half-naked men to “flesh out” the physical appearance of their male characters. I don’t. My new release is Vain, and it is the first book for which I even sought headshots of characters. These I gleaned randomly off the internet. No celebrities included. So, needless to say, the request to pick, not one, but TEN actors who could play my hero was a little tough but ended up being surprisingly fun!
The hero in Vain is named Theophilus, though it is often shortened to Theo. He is a nobleman in Charlemagne’s Empire. The important characteristics an actor would need are the ability to portray both authority and sympathy, soulful eyes, a tidy beard around the mouth only, and a strong but not overly bulky physical build. He must be aristocratic, and I found myself drawn to English and Irish actors.
I had to use the IMDB website to make sure I was choosing men the right age. Scrolling through the “Best-looking and Talented Male Actors Under 40” list is not a bad way to kill a half hour of your life, I’ll tell you that. Here’s the link if you want to look up these handsome gentlemen.

1.                    Rupert Penry-Jones – he’d have to dye his hair a little darker, but his hazel eye color, ability to play both cool detachment and sympathetic tenderness, and overall gorgeousness would overcome any other obstacles. Solid body without steroidal overtones = perfect. If you haven’t seen the version of “Persuasion” where he looks deeply into Anne’s eyes and says A man does not forget such a passion with such a woman…. OMG, he rocks Jane Austen.
2.                    Jonathan Rhys Meyers – hair would have to be longer and darker, and too bad about the addiction issues, but he can play the tender aristocrat. I love him in “August Rush”.
3.                    Ryan McPartlin – anyone watch the TV series “Chuck?” I always liked Ryan’s voice.
4.                    Matt Bomer – another “Chuck” actor, currently on “White Collar” and cute as a button. Love that strong jaw.
5.                    Adam Brody – perfect hair, good eyes, and if you haven’t seen “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World,” his fifteen minutes are wonderful.
6.                    A young Richard Gere (if I had a time machine), because of the hair and the shape of his eyes. Lily, the heroine, describes Theo’s eyes as soulful and a little droopy at the outer corners, and I often thought about Richard Gere’s eyes as I was writing. He definitely has the authority with sympathy thing down, too.
7.                    Hayden Christensen – nothing like going from “Star Wars: Episode III” to the Middle Ages!
8.                    James Franco – he wouldn’t be my first choice – a little too popular and sort of odd, if one believes the tabloids. His looks would work, though.
9.                    Joseph Gordon-Levitt – that’s a stretch, but maybe….
10.                 Max Thierot – no idea if he can act, but the looks are right on.

Theo can be found in Vain available from most online book vendors including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and Kobo.

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