Friday, September 13, 2013

Fragment Fridays Blog Hop - Seducing Sigefroi - Curse of the Lost Isle

Curse of the Lost Isle Book 3
by Vijaya Schartz
Melusine flicked her serpent tail and dove into the green depths, then surfaced in a pool of pale sunshine near the pile of the stone bridge. 

The road rumbled with the gallop of horses. Melusine's wet skin quivered and her heart stumbled in her chest. Dear Goddess! If mortals saw her in serpent form, the priests and bishops would hunt her, torture her, then sentence her to burn at the stake like a demonic creature.

The hoof beats slowed as the riders approached the bridge. Closing her eyes, she focused her mind upon her inward gift of sight. Aye, two knights in full armor, and a young squire. The destriers halted.

Scabbards flapped on leather trappings, and metal clinked as the men dismounted. Boots rang on hard stone.

Waist high in the river, under the arch, Melusine held her breath. She dared not move or make a sound. On the changing patterns of the water surface, she spied the reflection of the approaching men. A huge black destrier snorted at Melusine's scent, but she calmed the warhorse with a soothing thought.

"What did I tell you?" The tall knight with the commanding voice removed his helmet and pushed back the mail hauberk to shake a full head of flaming red hair. A smile lit the strong planes of his clean shaven face. He stared at the little fort, atop the rocky cliff across the river. "This is the most magnificent promontory I've ever beheld!"

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