Sunday, October 13, 2013

Magic Creatures of the past - by Vijaya Schartz

In the Curse of the Lost Isle, I have immortal Fae, Ondines, even dragons. Late into the middle ages, the belief in these magic creatures persisted. Even later, good people persecuted witches, and some in central Europe came to believe in vampires. Such legends abound throughout the middle ages. Mermaids, sirens, silkies, vampires, unicorns, the undead, benevolent fairies and malevolent entities fill the stories of the past.

  These creatures seemed very real to them. What made them believe in such creatures? Hemingway said that at the root of every legend lies a kernel of truth. Others say there is no smoke without a fire. What was the reality of the time? People with sharp intellect and accurate insight were suspected of having contact with angels? Evil human beings were accused of witchcraft and dealing with the devil? Old deities, angels and such, appeared to important people in history, and no one laughed at them.

A few of these people were historical figures, and we know they did exist. So how did they happen to become part of the legends? Magic, Fae and witches seemed very real to the people of the time. Even the Church wrote about it and excommunicated and burned at the stake those who dealt with such forces. So strong was their belief in such beings.

Scientist bring up natural unexplained phenomena. It's as good an explanation as any. But if you watch Ancient Aliens, you know there is much more to this. In modern society, some will say alien sightings was the source of visions and subsequent beliefs and superstitions. 

Recent sightings of mermaids have been reported and caught on camera in South Africa and in the South Pacific. Many bodies of mermaids showed up in archeological digs.

We may not have been the first race to inhabit the earth, and giants and immortal beings might have dwelt on this planet before us. Some of them might even still be there, hiding. Our aging process is regulated by a single gene. When we can modify this gene, we will live forever and be forever young.

For my part, I choose to believe that the universe is vaster and more varied than we can ever imagine. It tickles my imagination to think that the legends might be true, and I like to research and write about them. In my other books (futuristic romance) I deal with aliens, and here, again, research uncovers incredible facts ignored by science.

Our minds can encompass what the limits of science cannot. Faith, beliefs stronger than logic, cannot be explained by science, no matter how hard they try. Visions of the Great Lady are not necessarily of the Virgin Mary. 

Ancient gods may have been alien visitors with advanced technology. Thor's thunder could be a modern weapon. 
Maya carvings show gods piloting spacecraft. The Mahabharata in India describes epic battles fought in the sky by blue gods riding chariots of fire called vimanas. These texts also describe nuclear explosions, and the ruins of these cities show signs of vitrification... It would explain so much.

The fact that hard science hasn't caught up with explanations doesn't make those facts wrong. It makes them unexplained. And the unexplained is the most tantalizing fodder for an author's imagination. That's why I love writing about the legends. They make us think beyond our limited concept of the universe.

Penny for your thoughts?

Vijaya Schartz

Blasters, Swords, Romance with a Kick



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