Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hello fellow lovers of medieval romance.  I am Jill Hughey, author of The Evolution Series, historical romance set in the Carolingian Empire in the 830s.  The Carolingian Empire covered a vast area of Europe that Charlemagne conquered.  I think the 800s are technically part of the Middle Ages but many readers consider medieval romance anything set prior to the frillier times.

Although I read Regency and other types of historical romance, I do get tired of England.  I really enjoy romance that is set somewhere new and has more rusticity than life in the ton.  I love stories that include a little humor; that have reasonably intelligent heroines and strong but human heroes; and are not too long-winded in their descriptions of clothing.  Since this is what I like to read it tends to inform what I like to write.  I have attempted to recapture the basic elements of the classic historical romances that I loved (Judith McNaught, Kathleen Woodiwiss, Julie Garwood) with a modern voice and fast pace.

I have released two books in my series so far.  The first is Unbidden, set mostly in 831 Francia.  Unbidden follows the story of Rochelle who manages her late father's estate and vehemently resists being matched by the emperor with David, a capable soldier and second son of a Bavarian nobleman.   Rochelle  fears that she will lose her independence.  She uses every weapon and tactic at her disposal to avoid the marriage, realizing too late that she may have lost the love of her life.

In print, Unbidden is 318 pages and has all 5-star reviews on Amazon.  It is also available for Kindle.

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