Friday, March 23, 2012

Meet medieval author Kris Tualla

Kris Tualla's motto is: "Norway is the new scotland." She has it on tee-shirts and mugs and her medieval novels feature Scotland and Norway.

She writes gritty historical novels, not all medieval, but all very well written and fascinating. Her writing style places you right in the middle of the action and you really feel for her characters.

She presently lives in Arizona. She will be attending the Romantic Times Conference in Chicago the first weekend of April, the Desert Dreams Writers Conference on April 27-29 in Scottsdale Arizona, and the AZDreamin' Readers Convention on June 2, 2012 in Chandler Arizona.

Here are what her two purely medieval romantic novels are about:

Grier MacInnes buried three fianc├ęs in the Black Death; soon she'll be replaced by her cousin's teen bride as Lady of Durness Castle. After two decades in Greenland, Rydar Hansen is desperate to return to Norway and reclaim his inheritance ~ if he still has one. Thrown together by a North Sea storm, they don't speak the same language. But apart from each other, they have no future.

"LOVING THE NORSEMAN has a lovely cast of characters, and a nice, cinematic quality to it. I also liked the balance Ms. Tualla creates in Ryder's character, allowing him to be vulnerable yet strong."
~ Grand Central Publishing

Lady Eryndal Bell is a fraud. A bastard orphan, she has claimed the Bell estate in the aftermath of the Black Death. When Lord Andrew Drummond, courtier to King David II, arrives Eryn hides her treasonous deception from the knight, despite his passionate proposal. After Drew discovers her lies, will he convince the king to spare her life? And will either one move beyond their stubborn pride and painful pasts to salvage love ~ before it's too late?

Happy readings.

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  1. Read them both, and thoroughly enjoyed them. Page turns.