Tuesday, May 15, 2012


 Since we are a medieval blog, before I start rambling I will recommend one historical fiction I just read.  The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell covers a time period in England's history that I really did not know much about and deftly gives the reader both sides of the conflict between the Anglo-Saxons and the Danish invaders.   If you like to get your history lessons through great story-telling this is for you.  And it is part of series!

On to my "writing zone":

I haven't dedicated the time I should to writing in the past few weeks.  I am in the final stages of preparing a sweet historical romance for publication.  (The heart graphic is from the cover!  Guess what - it is not medieval.)

I love to write so I don't mind the work but I am most productive when I have big chunks of undisturbed time.  These are hard to come by.  Even an hour flies by so quickly when I get in the "writing zone" that it feels like I've barely started and its over already!

I am trying to not hurry through this stage of preparing the manuscript so I can put out a well-proofed, perfectly crafted story.  But the book will never get done if I don't set aside some consecutive hours to do the work.  I realize this is the challenge of all authors, especially the aspiring ones like me who still have day jobs.  But I wonder if it is particularly challenging when writing historicals that require our writing zone to occupy another time period in addition to setting and character.

Anyway, today is a writing day.  I am putting the manuscript through Autocrit so I can get it to a proofreader.  It is time to wrap this one up so I can move to the next - the third in my Evolution series!

Authors and readers:  do you have activities that you just won't start if you do not have a certain length of time to dig in?  How do you get into your zone?


  1. I simply love Cornwell's novels and have Saxon Chronicles and also his arthurian books. He is a expert in military conflicts and his tales always have much adventure and interesting historical details.

  2. Yes! I was so happy to see he is a prolific writer. I love finding authors with a big backlist!