Monday, May 7, 2012

Medieval Medicine - Scary Stuff! by Anna Markland

In medieval times doctors and barber-surgeons had plenty of practice treating wounds and broken bones because of the many wars going on at the time.

They knew how to set broken bones in plaster and how to seal wounds using egg whites or old wine to stop them getting infected.

They used alcohol or plants like mandragora to send people to sleep or dull the pain of operations. They could even remove diseased parts of the body, for example the gall-bladder, and deliver babies by Caesarean section.


In my latest release, The Winds of the Heavens, the heroine is a Welshwoman named Glain who is a healer with a special skill for setting broken bones. I took a bit of poetic licence here since most of these bonesetters were men.

Glain’s skills are needed when the brother of the twin heroes falls into a gorge and breaks his leg. If you’ve read the book that precedes this one,
Dark and Bright, you’ll recall the accident. You’re probably wondering how twins Rhun and Rhydderch solved the problem of both being in love with Glain. They’ve always shared everything, but can they share a woman?

Conquering Passion).

I am not going to let the cat out of the bag! You’ll have to read The Winds of the Heavens to find out how they solve their dilemma!

Glain does in fact use egg whites and a plaster cast to mend her patient’s leg, and she drugs him with mandragora to ease the pain.

Another medical catastrophe strikes in the book. We know it today as meningitis, but then it was simply referred to as a plague or pestilence.

In Dark and Bright, the hero, Rhys, saves his sister’s life after she gives birth to a child. His knowledge comes from ancient Celtic lore passed on to him by his mother, the healer Rhonwen.

Dark and Bright and The Winds of the Heavens are Books Two and Three of the Series Sons of Rhodri. Both are available exclusively on Amazon.

I will gift a digital copy of The Winds of the Heavens to the first commenter to reveal the meaning of the name “Glain”.

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  1. Thank you so much for being with us today, Anna. We always enjoy having you, especially when you offer your books for free. I grabbed CONQUERING PASSDION and can't wait to get to it. My TBT list is growing faster than I can read. LOL

  2. Thanks Vijaya.Hope you enjoy it.